Hannah Arendt Movie Trailer. A film by Margarethe von Trotta. The sublime Barbara Sukowa reteams with director Margarethe von Trotta (Vision, Rosa …



  1. anyone know her books?

    Duae sunt vitae, activa et contemplativa.  Activa est in labore, contemplativa in requie.  Activa in publico, contemplativa in deserto.  Activa in necessitate proximi, contemplativa in visione Dei

    this was something she quoted in her book "the life of the mind"

    i cannot find anything that will even detect this as anything but english online.  it is obviously not even close to english.  so it's pretty pathetic with the money google is making while people see something so stupid attached to their name.


    also is this to do with a rule that when quoting something you have to do it in the original language?  cause if so look at this fucking waste of time.

    anyways thanks.

    I figured out it was latin but i would like them to know that there is human beings who actually use this crap so make it work.

  2. "Befehl ist befehl" Orders are orders. After the liquidation of 90,000 people here is the testimony of a SS.But you had no scruples  to the execution of these orders? "Yes, of course." Why then orders were executed? "Because it seems to me inconceivable that  a subordinate does not execute the orders given by the direction of the state." Does someone spoke about the legality of these orders? "I do not understand your question. order was given by the higher authorities, the question of legality could not be present."This "philosopher" absolved executioners by passing them for simple Performers who did not ponder and could not think. His goal was to make money forgetting her origins and morality. According to her then nobody could be responsible except Hitler. the same "logic" of the vanquished : "We did not know, I had to ……" So  little aware about what  they done  that everything was made to clear the evidence ( body burned, buried, destroyed camps)

  3. List o humanizmie . M.Heideggera w tl.J.Tischnera i pierwszym dr bez odniesienia do marksizmu K.Michalskiego na U.W. gdzie rodzil sie wsrod Nas I.N.o.C.Wieden-Boston

  4. I heard the hanging of Eichmann on the radio and saw at school the films taken from the consentration camps when I was 13. A retired judge from the Nuremberg trials lived 4 blocks away. I babysat for the Jewish state head librarian's family next door. So the film footage of Eichmann, is very revealing to me. Now 65, I watch the neo-Nazis in Europe. Hitler and his backers ruined everything they touched inclunding their own country, and helped create Isreal. A lesson in history!

  5. Actually the trial of Eichmann took place some time after the Nuremberg Trials after the Israeli special forces forcefully extradited Eichmann back to Israel from where he was hiding. In fact their decision to try him in Israel as opposed to an international court was a huge controversy at the time.

  6. Looks fantastic! A compelling portrait of a character set in front of an under-filmed and fascinating period of world history: the Nuremburg trials. I definitely want to see this.


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